“Well-written, challenging, uplifting” – Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall

“[T]he authors argue trenchantly that some root-and-branch reform will be needed to prevent [capitalism's] vitality from being sapped by ill-designed regulation and political cronyism.” Niall Ferguson, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University, author of The Ascent of Money

“an uncommonly lucid, unfailingly gripping analysis” The Honorable Richard A. Posner, author of A Failure of Capitalism

“An essential read for anyone who wants to learn why a corporate focus on sustainability and building a better society is the key to the long-lasting productivity growth and job creation that are needed now more than ever.”
John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco

“Matthew Bishop and Michael Green have written a lucid and lively account of the underlying factors that brought the world economy to the brink of collapse.”
Liaquat Ahamed, author of The Lords of Finance

“Matthew Bishop and Michael Green provide the ideas and action steps for renewing prosperity and preventing another meltdown.”
Ram Charan, coauthor of Execution

“The Road from Ruin is a masterpiece.”
Robert A.G. Monks, shareholder activist, founder of the Corporate Library and the author of Corpocracy.

“The Road from Ruin will help all of us reshape the future and enable both citizen and policy maker alike to separate real reform from the grandstanding bluster so prevalent today.”
Robert J. Shiller, Arthur M.Okun Professor of Economics, Yale University, author of Irrational Exuberance and coauthor of Animal Spirits

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“In its clarity of both thought and expression, this is a book that leaves you feeling cautiously better about the potential of capitalism and so cautiously better about its prospects.
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP
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